Real Life Stories References

Environmental Illness Society of Canada:

“…Green Unikleen has met the toughest of tests. It has proven itself to be well tolerated by persons with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity…Patients and Environmental Medicine Doctors have been calling us to find out how they can order more. The EISC, after reviewing the product information and having field-tested Green Unikleen, will be requiring that the Hotels and Facilities …use Green Unikleen so that we can assure our members can enjoy safe indoor air quality…”


Naturopathic Health & Research Center:

“…I’m using and recommending Green Unikleen in all areas where mold is a problem. Being a specialist in EcoErgonomics (sick buildings) and chemically induced immune system disorders, I also recommend Green Unikleen for general cleaning, because of its non-toxic nature both for humans and the environment.”

Director, N.D., D.A.Hom., Ph.D.

Daimler Chrysler:

“…Green Unikleen has proven that a cleaner can be universal, powerful, safe and easy to use without being hazardous while at the same time retain a high level of quality and performance…

Facility Engineering Supervisor
Maintenance Manager

New Center Hospital:

“…This marvelous product – UniSource, is far superior to any other cleaning compounds, saves us time, labor and money”

Director of Housekeeping,
First Vice President of Nat.
Ex. Housek. Association


“…Thank you for both producing such a superior product as Green Unikleen and for offering excellent service… To my utter amazement, Green Unikleen, upon being brushed into the stained area, made the stains disappear like magic…”

W.I. Simonson Mercedes-Benz
Santa Monica, California

University Convalescent & Nursing Home:

“…In all my experience in the nursing home field concerning housekeeping, I must say that your product UniSource has to be the very, very best.”



“…The partnership we have developed with IPAX will help Chrysler achieve the goal of ensuring employee safety, reducing environmental pollution and becoming the premier worldwide car and truck company…”

Environmental & Safety Code Compliance

General Motors Corporation :

“…Green Unikleen was introduced to GM Powertrain Lansing Operations in 1988… the product was used as an alternative to the detergent cleaners… we have enjoyed good cost savings across the board and have eliminated the cost of management …”

General Supervisor PC&L GM Powertrain Group
General Motors Corporation


“…Thanks to Green Unikleen we were able to replace a number of other chemicals. We are very happy to be working with one product that performs so well in every application.”

Plant Engineer, MoscoTech


“…We have been using Green Unikleen since 1983 and have been delighted with our results. We have found it to be an excellent cleaner on just about any type of surface such as hard surface floors, walls, furniture and even carpet…”

General Supervisor
Building Services

The Academy of Sciences, The Biological Institute:

“…Green Unikleen is the most radically and economically efficient in cleaning of soil and grounds, natural ponds, ground waters, polluted with clean or crude petroleum, oil sludge and oil field drainage waters. Today there are practically no other technologies to clean petroleum polluted soils and grounds so fast and effectively…”

The Soil Science Laboratory

Rotunda Maintenance Services

“…we have been amazed on what a fine product Green Unikleen has turned out to be for our Company… We will continue to use this product and highly recommend any other Maintenance Company to try Green Unikleen. I am sure they will be as satisfied as we are.”

General Manager

City of Santa Monica, California:

Santa Monica Big Blue Bus: “We have been using Green Unikleen for over five years.  We like it because it is Environmentally Friendly, because it works…  We use it in our pressure washing area.  We use it  to clean our buses.  We use it on the floors… It’s a great products. We have one manufacturer, one product for all cleaning tasks…  It makes sense…”

Market and Traffic Division: “We choose Ipax cleaner / degreaser… We have more that ten million people comming through here… The street scrubbers that have over five hundred pounds of pressure and Ipax formula helps recover all of the dirt, grime…from locals, tourists, merchants, ect… It is Environmentally Safe. It makes sense for the environment. It makes sense for you…”

City of Santa Monica Employees.